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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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by subba
soap call in C++ thread crashes
I am calling a java web service method from shared library(which uses soap calls generated by gsoap ...
[1 reply] : This snippet does not show enough to tell what the problem is. General... (by coder777)
How to change a sentence color?
I'd love to change this sentence color cout << "CALCULATOR\nMade by Kristen\n\n"; It's white ...
[6 replies] Last: @kristen It occurs to me that a simpler example might be more benefic... (by lastchance)
Libraries vs applications in C++
Scott Meyers said in one of his talks at CppCon sth. like "C++ is great for libraries but not for ap...
[1 reply] : I can't really tell what his thought were. Maybe he refers to the fact... (by coder777)
A templatized regex match function
I am trying to code a parameterized regex match() function. The idea is to create a function which...
[2 replies] Last: You probably mean: if (regex_match(s, matches, USZipCode )) ... (by kbw)
Help with this C++ question
1. Write a C++ function prototyped as unsigned int countLargerThan( int* arrayValuesToCheck, unsig...
[5 replies] Last: I got it! Thanks for the clarification. I did something similar #in... (by densefury)
by EgorV
ifstream :: getline
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; int main() { ifstream test; test...
[9 replies] Last: wow, it was so easy thx (by EgorV)
How to declare a pointer to a fucntion which (function's) return type can be different?
I have a class with a member data which is a pointer to a double function: //.h file clas...
[5 replies] Last: You can't really do it. To see why, consider how you'd call it: inlin... (by dhayden)
Counter object that declared only in the base class but used in every derived class separately.
Suppose I have a class which represents kind of protocol for other classes that inherited from it: ...
[7 replies] Last: Why should that behavior be considered incorrect? (by mbozzi)
How to pass a vector from an intermediate index to a function and use it with zero based indexing in that function.
Hi guys :), In case of arrays, we can pass them from an intermediate index to a function and use ze...
[2 replies] Last: work with iterators void f(vector<int>::iterator a){ std::cout << ... (by ne555)
Program doesn't print the bank account balance afteral, why?
#include <iostream> using namespace std; //cola machine! int main() { int num; double ...
[1 reply] : 1 is not the same that '1' (by ne555)
Edit data with .txt file using ID
Hi, i just started C++ 2 days ago and still learning how to code. How to do edit database by using I...
[3 replies] Last: @ aeroscout Since you are really new to both C++ and programming itsel... (by Chervil)
Using variable defined in if statement
class Tournament { public: Tournament(); int startGame(string Player); ...
[5 replies] Last: why do I have to use const, instead of just string? You don't have t... (by dhayden)
Payroll Amount Sequential Order Fixed Point Notation
If necessary, create a new project named Introductory19 Project. Also create a new source file named...
[2 replies] Last: // If necessary, create a new project named Introductory19 Project. ... (by Enoizat)
Adding together ASCII(h) representation of bytes in an array<Byte>
I am trying to send a message consisting of a few byte using visual studios c++. The device requires...
[1 reply] : 'ASCII' is text representation. 'hex' notation is text representation.... (by Duthomhas)
I'm trying to understand how this piece of code works. void reverse(char *str){ char * end ...
[2 replies] Last: so the parameter (str < end) means that the while loop runs while poin... (by clarkkent)
Looking for a more elegant solution to this meta-programming bit
Hi, I have what I want in terms of functionality (I can pass a string or wstring and the function...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you guys! I was looking for the solution provided by Cubbi! Re... (by JUAN DENT)
When one class has object of another class as data member and vise-versa.
Suppose I have class A : //A.h class A { protected: std::vector<B> bList; public: //...
[1 reply] : forward declare in A.h class B; //declaration class A{ //definition }... (by ne555)
Vectors vs Dynamic arrays.
I find it possible to initialise arrays dynamically in C++. By this i mean : int n; int ar ...
[1 reply] : Actually, what you wrote is illegal in C++! In C++, you cannot make a ... (by NoXzema)
I was looking forward to learning OpenGL in C++, what are the best tuorials?
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, tough i was wondering about a video, thanks anyways. (by masecla33)
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