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by admin
Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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by judo11
How to get the sum of rows and columns in 2 dimensional array?
Here's my code for adding the rows and columns. My problem is that my program displays an incorrect ...
[1 reply] : nvm read it wrong (by roger911)
Derived virtual class, returning object
Hi guys, I am having an issue I need some help with. If I have a virtual base class such as....
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Impossible to escape?
Ok so I have Project25 and Project26 below. Project25 endlessly checks to see if Project26 is open a...
[4 replies] Last: MS is aware of the Robin Hood / Friar Tuck problem, so I doubt it. (... (by Duoas)
Game Programming Graphics
Hi =). I am looking to create a simple 8-bit top down game. Simple collision basics that I can lear...
[1 reply] : Get a graphics lib. I recommend SFML. Download and install it. http... (by Disch)
using a header file across multiple files
So say I create a header file which contains a list of structs, and I want to use these structs thro...
[2 replies] Last: Nevermind... The problem was in the header file... forgot to close the... (by roger911)
by aml14
Word Unscrambler
Hey guys. Im still a first yr programmer so go easy. For my final my teacher gave us this: Unscra...
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by jaystu
Reading file into 2D array
can someone help me read a text file and store the file contents into a 2D array? Here's the file: ...
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by iebwen
how to stop strings separating: cin
I'm currently learning c++ from programming books. Codeblocks is the IDE I am using. One of the exer...
[5 replies] Last: getline worked perfectly. Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it si... (by iebwen)
Draw two overlapping circles in C++
Here is my code. I need help Drawing two overlapping circles both with black borders but different c...
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by jaystu
New ordering system sorting
Here's the objective of the program: "Instead of using ABCDEFGHIJ to order letters use DCBAJIHGF go ...
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Stop python interpreter in C++
I'm embedding python in a C++ plug-in. The plug-in calls a python algorithm dozens of times during e...
[2 replies] Last: An APC won't solve anything if it's a problem with locks, since he sti... (by helios)
Named Pipes
Ok so I have some code on named pipes. The client code and server code are both below. I ran/start t...
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conversion using constructor &&&& cast () operator overloading
---------Project for converting by constructor method--------- //main.cpp #include <iostream>...
[2 replies] Last: ummm.... and what is C++ cast syntax the one I used is just class::o... (by danicpp)
Result of !(NOT) on integer value stored in an integer?
Can I replace the following: VGA->precalcs.characterwidth = VGA->registers->SequencerRegisters.REG...
[3 replies] Last: That's right. The ! operator is a logical operator, so its result will... (by Duoas)
How to read in comma separated table.txt
Hello everyone! I am currently reading in a table separated by spaces which looks like this: Pol1 ...
[1 reply] : Change that to: string line; while (getline (datafile, l... (by AbstractionAnon)
by q139
Fast way to read content
Hello, I am trying to make graph program that reads file and creates graph. How could code read a l...
[8 replies] Last: Thanks alot, maps is very useful, now all lines can be mapped by numbe... (by q139)
Getline as the conditional of a While loop
I am trying to use getline as the conditional for a while loop as seen below. string fil...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the help naraku, that is a good solution! (by ALtherak)
Help with making a music player.
Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows a good tutorial on how to make a music player in c++. Just a rea...
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ofstream & ifstream
I am having a hard time with this code and this is my 1st time to this website and to writing code. ...
[4 replies] Last: I hear what you are saying but this is for a school project and this i... (by jascns1012)
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