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by admin
Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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by dcex1
Issue with code, can't access a function in other class!
Hi, I would really appreciate any help for this as I am struggling a little to get my head around th...
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How to write OO?
Hi, I'm a C programmer. I've taken a C++ course and learned the syntax of C++ Classes, inheritance...
[1 reply] : Depending on what you need to do, you might not need to create any new... (by LB)
Prompt the user for two characters. Output the movies that begin with those two characters.
i have trouble printing out the movies starting with inputing only two letters. #include <iostrea...
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Copy Constructor containing pointer
Hello! I am trying my best to explain the situation, so heres my problem. I want to copy over ...
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Search Benchmarks
Write a program that has an array of at least 20 integers. It should call a function that uses the ...
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Printing out "*" corresponding to array index size.
I am having trouble getting the stars to output correctly in the printStars function. the final outp...
[3 replies] Last: @raju8438: Your suggestion won't work because "we are not sure total a... (by tcs)
by cGuru
Music & Sound With C++
Problem: I need music that repeats/loops in the background while I am running my program. Then, whe...
[3 replies] Last: Does anyone think it would cause some kind of problem down the road if... (by cGuru)
C/C++ help
I am a beginner in the C/C++ language, i have to write codes using the andd, nandd, norr, nott, orr,...
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Binary searching by a key containing two variables?
So I have an array of distinct pairs of natural numbers. That is, my array looks something like this...
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vector<std::string> pushback problem
I am using the vector pushback in a recursive function. But some time program crashed. how to solve ...
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C++ exceed buffer limit = abort with cuteness
Hi guys, I need another help, I have this problem with my output file. Normally, i use iterat...
[5 replies] Last: Oh, I get it. you have another way of computing the trapezoidal rule. ... (by jemeripol)
Splitting numbers
I have the concept of the code that i'm doing. Which is having the number example:1234 returned as 1...
[1 reply] : s=n/10; Be wary of division by integer issues. Have you consider... (by mutexe)
Question about double pointer to a reference
I can't seem to wrap my mind around what is going on here. My teacher gave us an implementation of a...
[1 reply] : What are we storing into prevNode in line 1? hashTable is a sequence ... (by helios)
using getline to parse from a text file.
Hi! So, I have a quick question. I'm trying to make a program where it reads a text file which cont...
[10 replies] Last: @ LB I think it'd be fair to gather by now that the input format is n... (by Duoas)
Can anyone assist me with my C++ game?
Hey, I'm making a somewhat RPG game for fun, I'm in a 10th grade CS class so don't make fun of it's ...
[3 replies] Last: Does anyone have an idea? (by JoshuaCrotts)
Inputing intergers heap
So i have this assignment where i need to input heap integers and when i print the code out,, it goe...
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reheapify downwards
working on a reheapify downwards problem but I'm receiving a seg fault idk where the problem might b...
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help with bool and const array
Hey I got this program to create an array of playing cards and assign the values and suits and shuff...
[1 reply] : int start = 0; if (hideFirstCard) { cout >> "**"; start = 1; ... (by dhayden)
by davtk8
Reverse alternate words in a string
How do reverse every alternate words in a string that I read into my program: e.g. The mouse was ca...
[4 replies] Last: multiple ways you could do it, could have it take in strings char at a... (by d1ff1cul1010)
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