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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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Sennheiser HD 2.10 full review !!
Sennheiser HD 2.10 with The ear cups fold inwards for better portability,Foldable design and Comfort...
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Calling parent class function within child
I'm not sure where I'm going wrong and google unfortunately isn't helping. How do I go about calling...
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by oOoOo
sdl2 , trying to run app on phone, not working?
Hi, I managed to 'ant debug install' my app successfully, but when I click it , I just see a vagu...
[6 replies] Last: oke so do I need to change the include paths in the jni/src android.mk... (by oOoOo)
Read two specific lines from text file and doing arithmetic process between them. (1,2)
I have a text file that I would like to read a specific lines in it. All lines have the same amount ...
[27 replies] Last: @JLBorges Yes, I understood your point. It was perhaps a bad example,... (by TheIdeasMan)
Parking Ticket
So here's the thing...I'm working on a program called Parking Ticket Simulator, but for reasons that...
[7 replies] Last: Just green tick one of them as complete and just use one will be ok (by kemort)
how to initialize an object array
I want to initialize an object array from another class with the default constructor, is it possible...
[3 replies] Last: can I see what's in the Brisca.h ? (by Flaze07)
Code Not Working (Sorting Names) in C++
Please tell me why my CODE is not working and help me to use getline if you have no idea of my probl...
[10 replies] Last: besides rather than if (surnames > surnames[i++]) //this changes i ... (by Flaze07)
Why C++ is supposed to be good at low-level operations?
The question above was asked in one of my past papers I have been looking through and I have had dif...
[2 replies] Last: agreed (by Flaze07)
Else without a previous if
I'm just starting out at C++ and I keep getting the error: 'else' without a previous 'if' even thoug...
[3 replies] Last: looks like I cannot connect to the website please post the code here (... (by Flaze07)
by sink
SIGSEGV - Runtime error
I must deliver a program for school that needs to pass some teacher's tests I don't know. When I sum...
[1 reply] : please use the tags (by Flaze07)
by MIIB1
reverse name ??
hello i write a program to take two user inputs. First input is your first name, and the second inp...
[2 replies] Last: also for the ouput why not just use for starting from the end, just ki... (by Flaze07)
need help with this simple structures program.
im trying to write a program using structures. there will be 2 movies. user will input information, ...
[1 reply] : MovieData movie2; cin.ignore(); cout << "Enter title of movie.\n"; ... (by thepizzaisaggressive)
Conversion of Decimal to Binary
Greetings, Coders! How to calculate the minimum number of binary digits needed to represent a thr...
[7 replies] Last: ah, I thought you meant on a per-value solution, like if the 3 digit h... (by jonnin)
initiliazing object array
I want to initialize an object array from another class with the default constructor, is it possible...
[3 replies] Last: You can't initialize an array like that after declaring it. Edit: ... (by TarikNeaj)
Quick question
[3 replies] Last: c++ does not recognize "lines". C++ can have the entire program on o... (by jonnin)
modular programming help
we are asked to apply functions(pass by value). use a switch statement to select the shape we want ...
[3 replies] Last: Wouldn't a cube by definition have 3 sides the same.... ? (by jonnin)
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