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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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Fast Graph
Iam trying to load a very large text file into a graph, where all words with the same lenght and tha...
[5 replies] Last: Start with all words of a given length. Sort them, starting with the s... (by dhayden)
by yj1214
Why would you use const?
void foo(const char *) This 'foo' function requires constant char address, right? so what do I ...
[8 replies] Last: Well, there are many reasons you might use const... Imagine you have ... (by Gamer2015)
Write a complete C++ program that produces a table showing the temperature equivalents in degrees F...
[6 replies] Last: You tell us. Use @Disch's Post and get started on something. Come back... (by TarikNeaj)
How to start console app in current console app
I have a Console Application and I was wondering if there is a way to start a different Console App,...
[1 reply] : Maybe this> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14327981/run-c-sharp-co... (by iQChange)
by yj1214
const object or object const?
Foo const *foo1; The object that is pointing to is going to be constant, right? Foo *co...
[3 replies] Last: The "read backwards rule" is a useful way to remember this. Read the ... (by Disch)
Array of Class Objects Errors.
I'm getting some errors in my code for an array of class object, but I'm not sure why. Everything wo...
[5 replies] Last: I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. At least that's what we use for my co... (by RelentlessChaos)
Comparing random numbers within a set
I was wondering if, for the purpose of a simple game, it was possible to poll an event that would ef...
[1 reply] : What comparison should mean in this case? How should it work? Step b... (by MiiNiPaa)
by cotro
Loop stop condition not working due to "invisible" characters
Hello I am currently reading a file that has a format like this: 2.5437667456 0.38745628423 0.34257...
[2 replies] Last: std::ifstream in("Somefile.txt"); std::string line; std::istringstrea... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Addsy
Snake game
Hey guys I'm building a snake game for a project using shapes as food. I've created cpp and hpp f...
[2 replies] Last: you could create (or use if you are using some other compiler) a goto... (by programmer007)
[SOLVED] LNK2019 unresolved external symbol
I've searched the forms for common causes of this problem, but have not been able to find any misspe...
[2 replies] Last: Issue seems to be having public: Animals(); in Animals.h After ... (by gunman353)
Bool function??
Here is my homework.. I'm little bit confused about the range Write a function bool isprime (in...
[2 replies] Last: In your isprime function, you never return false. If it iterates past ... (by Ganado)
by yj1214
A question about g++ -l
g++ -l I heard that this tells compiler the library name. What is it mean by library name? is it t...
[5 replies] Last: > What is it mean by library name? is it the file name? not quite if ... (by ne555)
Fill array using function. Error: assignment of read only location
i am trying to populate a presorted array (sorted while as it is being populated). I get the error b...
[1 reply] : arr is const, this makes it non-modifiable. change int makeSortArray... (by MrProGamer121)
Learning C++ and constructing a GUI.
Hey guys, I'm a CS student at a community college and I was wondering, when do schools (if they do, ...
[1 reply] : Unless you use a library, for the most part programming a UI would be ... (by MrProGamer121)
question about the CRITICAL_SECTION
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Help Me , I need to learn this and I have to pass PLEASE :'(
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int SIZE = 5; float COFFEEPRICE = ...
[10 replies] Last: Ok, I will :) Ps. I know that Im wrong what I did there, im too lazy t... (by vokzkriyel)
multiple definitions error.
I'm trying to compile a project in Unix but keep getting the following errors. I have tried compilin...
[4 replies] Last: > Make sure any functions in xran.h have the whole function. ¿ah? ¿w... (by ne555)
need help with C++
need coding for a program that allows user to enter numbers and then display greatest and lowest val...
[6 replies] Last: No, it's not. The >> function reads ints from the stream cin until the... (by Faison)
by anup30
Challenge: faster 3n+1 solution
Make your code as fast as possible: http://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Ite...
[15 replies] Last: 36 millisecond // UVa online judge, problem 100, The 3n + 1 problem ... (by anup30)
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