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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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3D Game Engine
Hi, I am a PAWN and LUA programmer. I have recently started learning C# & C++, due to the reason th...
[3 replies] Last: @Avilius, I've been learning C# like 2 months before I started learnin... (by skibi184)
using std::string for splitting up a line
If I had a line like: G3421,accountant,Gary Daniels,gdaniels72@gmail.com and I have int po...
[1 reply] : erase already read characters from original line http://en.cppreferenc... (by MiiNiPaa)
by johms
Printing even and odd numbers in alternating pattern
Can somebody please help me with this?? We never really had a thorough discussion yet about if-else...
[2 replies] Last: Mr. Konstantin2.. thank you very much for the info.. (by johms)
How to implement array-based listing and searching?
Background: I'm trying to open a text file from my computer and randomly output a random line of tex...
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using getline to parse from a text file.
Hi! So, I have a quick question. I'm trying to make a program where you have quiz text file which c...
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by Maco10
Compilator error
I am a bit lost. I have to make an exercise, and the test probes return: ====== Sortie de g++ ...
[3 replies] Last: As you just said, override the operator: struct Triangle { Point... (by NT3)
Difference between (const string&) and (string&) pass by reference.
I wrote a code to calculate the scalar product of two vectors. I can't seem to fully understand the ...
[1 reply] : 1. Strings "First " and "Second " written in 15, 16 lines are hardly c... (by Konstantin2)
pointers to pointer array
void StringofCars::push(Car more) { cout <<"11"<< more.carNumber << more.destination << mor...
[2 replies] Last: Good catch! thanks :) (by timk123)
by morv
Error : not declared in this scope
#ifndef ROAD_H_ #define ROAD_H_ #include <vector> #include <string> #include "Car.h" using n...
[1 reply] : In first file remove #include "Car.h" and write class Car; before ... (by Konstantin2)
Theater Seating c++ error
In the following code, when I would select View Menu Prices, Purchase Tickets, and Sales Statistics ...
[1 reply] : int price ; is local variable in every function. When you ask user f... (by Konstantin2)
Calendar Help (need to combine my code into a single function)
The assignment reads "Write a void function named displayCalendarDays. This function is passed two ...
[1 reply] : void disp(const int startDay, const int days) { if (startDay < 0 |... (by Konstantin2)
by RotciV
Kth largest array
So I'm trying to make a function that prints out the kth largest number in the array but its not wor...
[1 reply] : You should actually explain how your function works rather than leavin... (by Smac89)
C++ How does one use Array Input Checking?
Hey guys, as I'm googling for help on my issue, I came across a user saying that if I wanted to chec...
[2 replies] Last: Unfortunately, I can't use the aforementioned shortcuts. My professor ... (by akasuavity)
How to: Create Umbrella Type
Hey there, I was wondering if you know way to create an "umbrella" type/class/struct of existing c+...
[3 replies] Last: ugh... boost::any doesn't have any pointer or reference typecasts -_-... (by SixTsevN)
Can anyone assist me with my C++ game?
Hey, I'm making a somewhat RPG game for fun, I'm in a 10th grade CS class so don't make fun of it's ...
[1 reply] : This code shouldn't even compile. Your functions don't return any valu... (by Avilius)
Encapsulating speed types of different animals
#include <iostream> #define show(variable) std::cout << #variable << " = " << variable << std::e...
[7 replies] Last: I can't get std::ostream& animal::load_speeds( std::istream& ) worki... (by prestokeys)
Prompt the user for two years. Print all Comedy movies that were released between those two years.
it is printing out all of the movies. i have a hard time printing out all comedy movies. please hel...
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Magic Square
My knowledge about C++ is very limited, just keep modifying the source code from internet to fix th...
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ncurses help on Mac OS X Xcode
I'm currently a beginner C++ programmer. Recently, I found ncurses and thought I'd give it a shot an...
[1 reply] : http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/general/113904/#msg622055 From your lin... (by ne555)
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