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by admin
Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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by netta
constructors problems
hey, I've been trying to compile this code for a while but the shell says : "src/CyberWorm.c...
[1 reply] : > error: uninitialized member (...) with ‘const’ type you have a c... (by ne555)
Compile Error
This code compiles fine in Windows using strcpy_s however in Linux/Unix I get errors. What can I do ...
[6 replies] Last: What that is closest to strcpy_s is strcpy, not strncpy. Both will... (by Thomas1965)
by ATC
Linked list unexpected output
I am trying to create a linked list, however when I run the main program the output is unexpected. ...
[1 reply] : LinkedList::LinkedList() { Node *first = new Node(); //Declared lo... (by ne555)
Windowing environment on Mac
I've never touched programming for Mac or Linux... I know that I can compile C/++ code for these ...
[3 replies] Last: You could use something like Qt (and let that talk to Cocoa) or... .... (by Grey Wolf)
GTK+ 3 MessageBox
Hello everyone, I've been trying to implement a simple messagebox in GTK+ 3 on Linux (32-bit Ubun...
[2 replies] Last: The program entry point looks like this: #include <GLFW/glfw3.h> #... (by Shadowwolf)
Changing object variable
Hey guys, im new to the forum. I just wanted to ask something about this code. I want to change the ...
[3 replies] Last: your code will work too if you return the name by reference string&... (by xenoviaquarta)
daemon that buzzes when you switch the keyboard layout :)
I'm new to C ++, but I want to write a daemon that runs mp3 file and buzzing when I switch the langu...
[1 reply] : xxkb changes icon when you change language in xorg. Get it's source an... (by Konstantin2)
[C] change console output?
I noticed that linux is capable of "updating" the output from console, e.g. when it downloads someth...
[3 replies] Last: Then you need to use something like ncurses. (by kbw)
command line argument problem
Hi, I have a program, which name is p1. I want it to do different things when I give different com...
[1 reply] : http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Example-of-Getopt.ht... (by ShiftLeft)
Magic Square
Develop a C++ program which determines if a square matrix is a magic square. A magic square is an n...
[3 replies] Last: Can you please start a new thread rather than taking over someone else... (by kbw)
by hskrox
C++ Code of Task manager for Linux
I need someone to give me the code for the following program that could run in linux. The following ...
[1 reply] : I need it more then anything. You need what? * The ability to list ... (by keskiverto)
unix program
Hello I'm getting unexpected results when running this program on command line/terminal window. This...
[7 replies] Last: argv is of type char* . "-n" is of type const char* The == ... (by kbw)
How do I Install Abbreviation Plugins on code blocks 13.12?
I'm new user on Ubuntu(14.04), and I install code blocks 13.12. But I found that here Abbreviation p...
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Suppressing the GCC warning: "<term1> is obsolescent, use <term2> instead."
Hi, I've been programming in C++ for years, but I am new to programming on Linux and gcc/g++. My...
[4 replies] Last: that warning is incorrect by the way, the replacement for gethostbynam... (by Cubbi)
dsr/linkcache .cc: fatal error: list.h: no such file or directory.
I am using NS2 and Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS I uesd "make" to recompile NS2. I got the following error: ...
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dsr/linkcache .cc: fatal error: list.h: no such file or directory.
I am using NS2 and Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS I uesd "make" to recompile NS2. I got the following error: ...
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by AdamT
nested if optimization with a lock in between
Hi Is it possible that a compiler optimize the second if statement in the following code, (x is an ...
[1 reply] : Does the standard say anything in this case? Have you tried reading ... (by Zaita)
gdb debug issue about "main.cpp No such file or directory."
I just start learning to use gdb. I am debugging a program using gdb. I firstly start the program th...
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Caesar Cipher Trouble Keeping letters lowercased and upper cased
Please help me correct this code. 3rd post is where the code is at
[3 replies] Last: That's really complicated. Anyway, the algorithms, do they seem right... (by kbw)
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