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by admin
Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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by RobCh
GPU utilisation
Hello, this is my first post on this site, I have a question about C++ graphics. I have 2 years expe...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for all the replies, I will be looking into irrlicht and ogre a... (by RobCh)
Can Shared Libraries Be Scripts
On that page: "http://linux.die.net/HOWTO/Program-Library-HOWTO/miscellaneous.html#SHARED-SCRIPTS" I...
[3 replies] Last: No, that's not what this is for. This scripting language is meant to c... (by helios)
by new1
Update the time in between dates !!
Hello, I confused with this, i want to find the time count for day to day in a week. Ex: If su...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah, It was wrong that i did in Genereal c++ programming, But this qu... (by new1)
Vector of threads
I am trying to write a multi threaded program. However, I end up getting a compilation error saying....
[2 replies] Last: If you put your code between code tags it will help people to help you... (by Galik)
CGI bin file downloads instead of executing through HTML browser
I am Embedded Software Engineer, I am new to Embedded Web Server programming, I wrote the HTML code ...
[3 replies] Last: Without a server who is supposed to execute your program ? Normally t... (by Thomas1965)
Save to Project Path
How would I go about saving to the project's path instead of the current working directory? Just to...
[2 replies] Last: I'm not aware of any portable method to get the path to the executable... (by dhayden)
load data from a text file into arrays for calculations
Hi! I'm really new at programming and I'm in a bit over my head. My professor wants me to make a pro...
[2 replies] Last: What language are you coding in? post the assignment (by alleyezonme)
How to save data/settings in bootable pen drive
Hi, I have a bootable usb drive (a.k.a live-usb) with kali Linux (not ubuntu)on it, the problem i...
[6 replies] Last: thanks for the link (by shadder)
Time detemination
I want to use the system clock (or time) but in milliseconds. I tried different functions such as c...
[3 replies] Last: Can you help me use it as a timer rather showing the entire seconds s... (by TheIdeasMan)
why socket function recv is so slowly
recently , I meet a question about the function recv of socket programming, let me introduce the ba...
[1 reply] : Next time, please post your code using the code tags (under format). ... (by koothkeeper)
Avoid g++ surround _stdcall with __attribute__ string
I use MinGW's g++ to preprocess my file which has the following function: [call_as(ReadAt)] HR...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks SGH. That is a very good tip. I was actually using -D__stdcall ... (by hazdazzler009)
Threading Trouble
Hey guys, I'm trying to teach myself a bit about how to thread. Below is the code I have, which bas...
[6 replies] Last: Well... it can. You don't know – that's the tricky thing with multi... (by NoXzema)
having trouble reading and writing from and to a fifo seamlessly
Im aware that the fifo is being read and so cant be written to however I cant work out where or how,...
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Linux executables and so files?
So, I'm totally self-taught with basically everything computers. I've switched from Windows to Linux...
[8 replies] Last: Awesome, awesome, awesome. I didn't test in the code that I posted, bu... (by RealGiganitris)
Cant use void in c4droid android app.
Hi, I am using c4droid android app to compile. But, when I use void main() it shows me an error ...
[2 replies] Last: void main() is not standard and is thus not supported by default by th... (by rabster)
Detect what words contain in the RECV
Hi, I am doing a chat Server + Client, when client reply "You are beautiful", server will detect...
[7 replies] Last: didn't knew that... thanks BTW can't we just load the library? (by shadder)
What is the difference between Linux and UNIX operating systems?
Hiiiii, What is the difference between Linux and UNIX operating systems?
[2 replies] Last: Hi, http://www.diffen.com/difference/Linux_vs_Unix In a nutshell UNI... (by shadder)
Questions about makefile
I looked some makefiles wrote by others. There are some questions about arguments. 1. Sometimes I s...
[2 replies] Last: The only difference between using an -l option and specifying a file ... (by buddha87)
Socket client, can I use any source IPs?
When we create a socket for client side, we still can use bind to bind a IP address with client sock...
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