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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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Access to data of struct msghdr in C
Hi! Linux RT (am3359). C (not C++). I can't access the data of struct msghdr msg. I have received t...
[1 reply] : It seems you're reading junk, possibly by not reading everything you n... (by kbw)
gcc-5 build config log
I am planning to build the debug version of gcc-5, specifically gcc-5.4.0-6 16.04.10. I am doing th...
[13 replies] Last: I reran the build on each machine - it runs to completion ending with ... (by CPPAWhile)
Mac Mojave update making me unable to read SDL2 frameworks.
I recently installed the update to Mojave, and it turns out that it has broken a lot of my code. The...
[2 replies] Last: The way that installing SDL2 on a mac works is that you drag the libra... (by Salsa Boy)
How to detect mouse movement
I would like to detect mouse movement using c++ in while{} statement. can someone tell me how to do ...
[3 replies] Last: OP is on linux, and he wants to know about detecting/mouse events (mov... (by Ganado)
c++ Interactive Dialogs
I have seen 'zenity' and 'dialog' which work in the Bash Terminal. How do I produce a dialog screen...
[2 replies] Last: Great thanks ! (by A900A900)
How does ld find the path to libbfd?
I have the file libbfd-2.26.1-system.so in the right place and with the proper symbolic link. I bel...
[16 replies] Last: I had to run the ldconfig command a number of times to try to get the ... (by CPPAWhile)
create a new CSV file and limit it size to 100 MB
hello i want to open and then write into a file until it size gets to a specific size , let say for ...
[6 replies] Last: void write_more(ofstream& f, unsigned& cnt_files, const string& text)... (by Konstantin2)
Bootable iso from Optimized kernel
Hello Experts i want to create boot-able ISO file from my optimized kernel in ubuntu...i want to run...
[1 reply] : U can take Slax and chage it's files to ur own. It use Isolinux as loa... (by Konstantin2)
A open source Linux Process Manager using modern C++
A open source Linux Process Manager using modern C++: https://github.com/jinneec/application-ma...
[1 reply] : http://www.catb.org/esr/writings/taoup/html/ (by kbw)
I sometimes use LD_LIBRARY_PATH and various other preprocessor variables allowed by gcc/g++. Some...
[2 replies] Last: This is a low-priority issue as I know that if I set my -I paths corre... (by CPPAWhile)
General Question about Website Programming
I am just curious as to how to set up a website - I can do simple web stuff like html, css, etc.., b...
[1 reply] : But my big question is, if I use one of those sites, can I download t... (by Thomas1965)
Cross-compilation, CMake and Symlinks
So I'm using this guide to cross-compile OpenCV for Raspberry Pi: https://visualgdb.com/tutorials...
[2 replies] Last: well that make an interesting idea but remember, I'm running CMake on ... (by fifothekid)
by euhat
open RTSP in android
Hi, guys, I have make a open source project of rtsp stream playing in android. It has features: ...
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by bkelly
OpenGl and QT Creator Stripchart
Linux and OpenGL novice My goal is to write a simple strip chart viewer. I can get the data but nee...
[3 replies] Last: I'm not really understand your question, but this article show to how ... (by seal2002)
race conditions with promises
Hello there! I am running the 'promise' example showed in this link of cplusplus.com using a file...
[3 replies] Last: race conditions with promises:_ JavaScript Demo: Promise.race var pro... (by shivkumar12)
Differences between Linux and Windows operating systems
Open Source: The Linux operating system is an open source operating system, meaning the source code...
[8 replies] Last: Last edited on Sep 11, 2018 at 7:03am by admin THANK YOU TWICKER. YO... (by Ganado)
multiplexing using poll() or select
Hi there, I am to write a program with the following specifications: 1. Parent process creates 2 ...
[5 replies] Last: Here we describe the code briefly for multiplexing using poll() or sel... (by shivkumar12)
Destructor with unique pointer and threads
Hi there! Take this example code : #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <thre...
[4 replies] Last: Well, the behaviour of the program is correct, it's just that the de... (by Peter87)
Estimate the value of PI using Monte Carlo method
I am struggling with an assigment here. Case: Write a program in C++ that estimates the value of ...
[2 replies] Last: Many thanks @ne555 for pointing that out. I fixed it and the progra... (by blongho)
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