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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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pthreads newby issues
Hi, I have run this example, and I'm not getting the expected result. #include <pthread.h> ...
[4 replies] Last: I see. Thanks!! (by santiagorf)
Project Idea that integrates C++ and Embedded Linux
Hi, I got an embedded Linux BeagleBone Black and would like to do a project that combines C++ and...
[2 replies] Last: Hi, Thank you very much. LCD sounds nice. I even got a Graphic LCD I... (by jared181)
Forte Compiler 12 with RougeWave
Hi , we are existing moving application from solaris 8 to solaris 10 I am using Rougewave RW_Tools...
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linking to iostream
I'm working on a small openGl program (just a test actually), and need to use standard output (cout)...
[8 replies] Last: I was responding at LB claim of using g++ for C code > Gcc is good a... (by ne555)
by geng07
Comparing and Parsing Data from text file
Chervil yes sir I need to read every line from the file, parse it to extract the date field, and t...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include <re... (by Lowest0ne)
Output of popen returns garbage
I am calling 'find' from popen and the string returned contains garbage at the end. Any ideas on how...
[3 replies] Last: Well that's odd: I never saw garbage from popen. Have you tried diffe... (by koothkeeper)
GCC Liciense
GCC has a GPL license so does that mean whatever i compile most be open source?
[4 replies] Last: Ok, Thanks (by The Gentlmen)
by geng07
Display a line from text file (1,2,3)
Display a line from text file , my problem is i cant display the lines which only contains the speci...
[51 replies] Last: [quote=geng07] const auto date { /*foo(line2)*/ }; // #3 if (c <= date... (by keskiverto)
by geng07
Display first 10 lines of a textfile which contains a specific string
I need to display the first ten lines in this text file from date start which is 2014-08-01 to 2014-...
[4 replies] Last: @dhayden: The sample input is not sorted by timestamps; the 2014-08-01... (by keskiverto)
by ne555
Using bash-completion
You can use readline() to get completion on filenames. However, I would want to complete commands...
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How to clear screen without system("clear")
How to clear screen without using system("clear")? A solution is std::cout << "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n...
[6 replies] Last: Nope, C++ doesn't (and isn't supposed to) know what a "console" or "te... (by LB)
by geng07
How to filter data from tex file
Requirements in filtering the text file. OVERWHELMED TO ACCEPT SUGGESTIONS. THANKYOU :) 1. first ...
[1 reply] : Please, do not double-post. The first thread should be enough: http://... (by keskiverto)
by mfouad
Building berkelium for Odroid U3
Hello everybody, I'm trying to build berkelium for ubuntu 13.10 but it is very complicated One of...
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by liviy
Problem compiling older code on newer OS/Versions
Hi, First time posting on here so please forgive me if I miss some requirements or accidental bre...
[16 replies] Last: Please don't hijack a thread. It's must easier for everyone if you st... (by kbw)
Question to XCode Users
Do you know a way to make Xcode execute the application in an actual terminal window instead of its ...
[1 reply] : I don't use Xcode, but most IDEs have a tickbox somewhere in their set... (by LB)
the best compiler for c++ in ubuntu
i've just installed ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop.but i don't know the best compiler for c++. any sugge...
[9 replies] Last: Guessing it either came with a book or something. Shouldn't be too har... (by BHX)
From PI to Server
Earlier today I thought two things: A) I need a server, and B) What can I do with my raspberry PI's?...
[5 replies] Last: Also, is it possible for me to code it in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 o... (by kbw)
Erasing specific value in a map of vector
Hi there, Given a map datatype: map<unsigned int, vector<string> > *nodeDataItem How can i delete s...
[5 replies] Last: Do not use operator with map unless you are sure that the key exists;... (by keskiverto)
by geng07
Text file Filtering
Hi ! I have updated my code already but i still have unfinished requirements 1. first my professo...
[1 reply] : Please, do not doublepost. The first thread should be enugh: http://ww... (by keskiverto)
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