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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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please i want to know y the following error is showing in my program after it was successfully built...
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read string from a text file
Hello, i have a text file like this: 123 abc **dddd **ERROR hallo **ERROR 1234567 This is from a ...
[6 replies] Last: I missed this, you really should start another thread for a different ... (by kbw)
by RyanV
POSIX Semaphores in Linux
Hi, I need to make a program that takes as input a series of customers for cashiers. Each custom...
[1 reply] : Here's a few problems I see that'll hopefully get you back on the righ... (by Svnyster)
Finding file size with file input/output operations
Hey people, I want to be able to find file size using file input/output operations "open()" funct...
[5 replies] Last: Finding file size with file input/output operations Don't . Check t... (by kbw)
IO map
Submit my codes,compile is ok,when i run it ,after input name, segment fault! I found the mistake c...
[1 reply] : The first thing I would do is to check the value of s on line 31. It ... (by kooth)
Simple Recursion problem
Ok, so I have this assignment where i have to create a program that takes in input for the length of...
[1 reply] : I got it figured out guys, but that brings on a different question... ... (by codyjae)
by Matome
warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type]
//File: PrimeChecker.cpp #include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; bool PrimeCheck...
[2 replies] Last: Oh....it works now...thank you (by Matome)
Copying the file
I try to copy file from one dir to another dir. I know that we have to use cp
[2 replies] Last: Read the manual: man page for the cp command, at the bash prompt : m... (by TheIdeasMan)
Configure TCP/IP printer port through Qt
Hi, I want to configure tcp/ip printer port programmatically through Qt. I am doing the same in m...
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Access Problem
Hello, From account I would to connect to my friend UNIX account I dont know how. I have her dir. ad...
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by zolo
using Levmar
Hi, I would like to use the levenberg - Marquardt minimization routine in my c++ script. I am not...
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by tition
Small http server c++
Hi all, I want to add a small http server to my project. I am looking for the smallest possible ...
[8 replies] Last: Civetweb (based on Mongoose) is a C (with C++ bindings), cross-platfor... (by odin39)
NCIT Solutions
NCIT Solutions Provides offshore IT, Web design, software programming services for clients in the US...
[1 reply] : Maybe move this to the job section if you guys are looking for jobs? O... (by giblit)
by zinat
How to programatically find if the code is recursive or iterative
Is there any way to programatically find if the given code is taking recursive approach or iterati...
[10 replies] Last: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_graph (by keskiverto)
by zinat
File Program in C
digraph _OP_control_flow { graph [center=true, epsilon=".000001", pack=true, rankdir=L...
[1 reply] : Since this is in Unix section, why don't you look up the grep command ... (by Smac89)
get user? (1,2)
for my program i need to use chdir() to locate to a folder. right now i ust have it as chdir("/home...
[30 replies] Last: Both... as for the forum, no idea. (by SeiZa)
Problem with Flush(), clear buffer input in serial communication
Hi, First of all, sorry for my limited knowledge. I'm quite new to C++ and I'm having trouble c...
[1 reply] : tcflush(iDevice, TCIOFLUSH); is supposed to have a return value you ... (by SeiZa)
save things to file
i have a game i'm making. i need to save all the text that is on the screen to a file. how can i do ...
[12 replies] Last: ok people i finally figured it out. after weeks of constant work on it... (by gopro2027)
C-style string problem
We are doing a project in Cygwin/g++ using dynamic arrays and command line arguments. The objective ...
[3 replies] Last: He has been saying all week that we will need to use strstr or strcmp... (by kbw)
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