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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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Makefile that gives two .exe
Hey everyone, I'm trying to do a makefile that spits out two .exe. The files that I have are stack.h...
[1 reply] : PROG1 = prog1 PROG1_SRCS = teststack.cpp PROG2 = prog2 PROG2_SRCS = ... (by kbw)
by n30n
Linked lists - insert function not sorting right
i made a linked list for video objects. i made an insert function to sort each video by title alphab...
[2 replies] Last: The code looks basically correct. What does Video::get_title() return?... (by dhayden)
nullptr in Cygwin!
I am trying to use nullptr in Cygwin, but I keep getting an error saying nullptr is not defined. I f...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, so it turns out all I needed was to type -std=c++11. (by DyslexicChciken)
by n30n
video linked list creating cerr commands
How do i make my code works so that if i insert a list of video and then try to insert another list ...
[1 reply] : I'm not really sure what the issue actually is, but perhaps you only w... (by Zhuge)
Compiling in g++ doesn't gives a.out
Hello everyone, and thanks for taking your time to help me. I have more than one question/issue/dou...
[1 reply] : From man g++ : gcc [-c|-S|-E] [-std=standard] [-g] [-pg] [-Olevel] [... (by keskiverto)
I never took unix and wondering how to
hi i never took any unix and my professor for one of my classes want me to write a shell script i am...
[4 replies] Last: i need to Write a script that outputs all lines in a file containing ... (by kbw)
Script communication with pipes in a qsub context
Hi all, I am coding a script that needs to run several 'children' scripts and communicate with th...
[5 replies] Last: Well, I finally made my script work using sockets. Here is my solution... (by smunier)
Spectrogram Waterfall
I want to make a spectrogram waterfall. The question I have is what would be the best graphics libra...
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by kellex
X11 Lib Sinus Drawer
Hello fellas, im making a program with the xlib to draw a sinus function but i cant make it work, c...
[3 replies] Last: Hey, did you get this sorted OP? I have a very similar issue. I checke... (by NewNewz)
by n30n
video linked list insert funciton
trying to create a linked list for video object to take in insert, remove, lookup, and print command...
[1 reply] : list.insert(*video); should be list.insert(video); The method tak... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by dkaip
EVT_KEY_DOWN event problem
Hello. A very little program have problem. I am trying to catch a key press globally(http://wiki.wxw...
[2 replies] Last: I just make a litle project, same in Ubuntu and windows xp In xp run v... (by dkaip)
by Chubby
need help with makefile
I am try to make a makefile. but didnt work i type touch makefile ---> makefile create ----> in th...
[2 replies] Last: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 7: Unexpected end of line seen (by Chubby)
Please help with this C++ project
[1 reply] : Your link says "unauthorized" and your post doesn't contain any code. ... (by bryan177mcsc)
error: ld returned 1 exit status
I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and gcc 4.8.2. I'm trying to compile the following code using this command: ...
[2 replies] Last: That did it! Thank you. (by bishoposiris)
by vikk
upgrade stripped-down target industrial PC to instrumental for C++ console development
I need to write a console application on a i386 machine with debian 2.2 to work with some programms ...
[18 replies] Last: When I say "upgrade" I mean to set up development tools on the target ... (by vikk)
Anjuta Gtkmm : How to package a commandline app and its gui app
Note: this is my first time anjuta and first time linux application development. At home switched to...
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Installing a G++ toolchain...?
I've installed the CELinux port for PSP onto my PSP- I'm learning C++, and am interested in develop...
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How to control mouse pointer by C++ Code ???
Hello, I have a question about controlling a mouse pointer in Linux (i.e. in Webbrowser) by C++ C...
[4 replies] Last: For Xorg, look at Xlib or xcb. For framebuffer pointer... uh... good l... (by NoXzema)
Program works in os x, but not on unix (solaris)
I have a program that's supposed to read in a file, validate that it exists, copy it to a new file w...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much! That worked! (by sistasweetpea)
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