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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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Cannot write across a pipe with pointers to istream and ostream
First some background: // BEGIN BACKGROUND I am running under CentOS 6.5 Linux on a x86_64, and ...
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Waiting for multiple events in Unix C++
Hi, I am trying to port my multi threaded windows application to Unix. My requirement is to signal ...
[3 replies] Last: Use semaphores. #include <thread> #include <iostream> #include <unist... (by Konstantin2)
by dkaip
Problem with readdir
Hello. Trying to catch all dirs and files in Ubuntu catalog, with non ascii character codes i have ...
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RTF Generation using C++ / Linux
Hello, I am looking for generate RTF file using C++ / Unix code. Can someone give me idea whether...
[3 replies] Last: That wikipedia article mentions "Libraries and converters". (by keskiverto)
C- Cell array
Hi, I am converting my matlab code to C code. Since I use cell array very liberally in Matlab,...
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how to decode frame pointer using gdb
Dear Friends, Please some one could help to decode frame pointer. for example I h...
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need help with project** makefile errors
I'm getting a few errors. i'm going to copy my code here (errors first, and then the contents of eac...
[2 replies] Last: Don't #include "stats.cpp" , just link the file. http://www.cplusplus... (by ne555)
by Tili
Ubuntu terminal. Help!
hello there guys, 1) cd ~ && mkdir Ergasies && mkdir Askiseis && mkdir Other && mkdir Other/video ...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks for the link. (by AssignmentExpert)
by Lee125
What the best way to learn linux?
Helloy guys. can you suggest me how to learn linux programming since I didnt have any basic. i ju...
[13 replies] Last: Yes, I uderstood. Here to talk about system calls of Linux. It is a ve... (by Observer)
grep expression
I am having trouble trying to find an expression that will match a word that starts with "b" ends wi...
[13 replies] Last: He was using both single and double quotes. One prevents variable subs... (by keskiverto)
by Lauke
How to deal with user prompt/command line/input file
Hi Guys, I've a problem... I'm developing a software tool which can be started in the followin...
[4 replies] Last: Because what i need is to initialize an object in one of the way... I'... (by Lauke)
Compile Error
Hi Guys, I try to compile one archive " GameServer " and when y try with the command: g++ Gam...
[1 reply] : ┬┐what is LC_LOCAL_CODE? (by ne555)
by tyty
OpenGL compile error
Hello All. I am having a compile error with openGL. I have not been able to figure it out for a ...
[6 replies] Last: Qt will not help the situation (and it probably was already solved). (by Avilius)
by rw3iss
Trying to link mysqld to program, but getting errors
Hi! I'm trying to create a small library that I want to include in other projects. The library is d...
[1 reply] : Looks like you need to link libcrypto Also, you shouldn't (need to) ... (by codewalker)
Infinite loop issue
Hi there, I seem to be having a problem with an infinite loop in my program. My loop is supposed to ...
[1 reply] : You are asking fin to ignore 1000 characters read http://www.cpluspl... (by codewalker)
Difference between $() and ``
Hello, Are these 2 different ? content=`cat file` content=$(cat file) when I echo them out , I ...
[6 replies] Last: http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Command-Substitut... (by keskiverto)
Free community writing
Hey all linux users, this is a shout-out to the free-software community. I'm asking you to share ...
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Armadillo library error
Hello, I'm having some problems using Armadillo library.. I installed armadillo, lapack and blas by...
[1 reply] : You need to add the libraries to your second line, where you are linki... (by koothkeeper)
Gtk+ good content sites?
I'm now looking into using GTK+-3.0, and I've found it very easy to use in comparison to windows API...
[1 reply] : http://www.gtk.org/documentation.php http://zetcode.com/tutorials/gt... (by suroh)
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