Hey guys i need help translating an assignment because my professor wont put it in any simpilar words. The assignment says:

"a program that uses randomness and the orthographic rules of any natural language to generate memorizable passwords. These passwords are gibberish text, about ten letters long, with unambiguous pronunciations. Your program should indicate the language used and output ten possible passwords. Hints: choose a language you are familiar with so that you can use your domain knowledge on the problem. Collect syllables or other parts of words to assemble in a random order."

If anyone has a simpilar way of putting this id highly appreciate it.
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Basically it asking you to generate a password, which can be pronounced (so no hfgkdfhdg like passwords) and can be easily written down when you hear it (there shouldn't be any ambiguity like "What letter should be there") You are free to select a language you will be using.
Thanks MiiNiPaa that made it a bit simpler im just confused about generating a password, would it be something used as in a email password for example. Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks!
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