my turbo C++ ide not working

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i am new to cpp and i am using windows xp sp2 and turbo c++ IDE version 3.0.
my problem is that when i start, full screen dos environment opens and i am able to work fine. however when i want to quit and return to normal windows i am unable to do so. i use quit function given inside the program successfully quits but windows does not returns and black screen appears indefinitely. and i have to switch off power button. what is this happening and anybody help me?
because of my NIOS curriculum i am unable to switch to other ides like ms visual c++, dev-cpp and others.
Can you use alt+enter keys to switch between full screen and windowed mode, either before you quit ide or after?

Or use alt+tab keys to return to desktop?

There is also a version of Turbo C++ packaged with dosbox at megaleecher site.
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