Multiple definition errors

Hi there, I hope you can help me before my internet runs out as I haven't payed this months bill for lack of money yet (should be able to by Wednesday). Anyway here's what I'm trying to do - make a template of a game state I can use for future projects. I'm also trying to fit a game I half finished into into a gamestate before I realized I needed one =/. The thing is I have gotten half way through one using Lazyfoo and sdltutorials and I am getting multiple definition errors I just cant find. I have been searching the internet and testing code for days now and haven't came up with a conclusion yet. Here is my code and everything that comes with it, it was way to much to cut and paste sorry.

What I only really want is where the multiple definition is ( and maybe how to fix it / or at least a good method of of finding out how to

This is where I am on my game state which is broken //<- this what i need to fix

and this is where I am on my game that I haven't quite completed yet

That's everything I have so far

Please forgive my lack of comments, code experience and wording/grammar
Thank you for any help that may be given. =)
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