Deploy c++ ?


I need to deploy a script on different platforms.

This script is so simple ! it is just a value checker o create a small algorithm.

But there is the problem : it needs to work on Win, osx and Linux.

And I don't helly know how to make it to work easily.

Could we launch a c++ script on every platform ?

Yeah, noob question. When googling, I see that people make application. I don't need any gui or so. Is there any point of doing so in my case ?

Where to start ?

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I believe you'll need to recompile the C++ code on the specific platform for it to run there. Also I don't think it's called a script, that's more for ultra high level languages (I think) like IMaxMacro. I believe we call C++ text, code.
Yes !

I can afford to recompile for win, linux, osx and freebsd, not a major problem.

But I just want to be sure people don't have a showstopper because of a missing library.

What do you think about it ?


Edit: I would like to imitate the python way of doing things -> you can deploy an application oriented for a platform and let the user not to install anything.. One example coming in my head is Blender, the 3d software.
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I believe you'll need the recompiled library for that platform as well. However I think this is not a problem when you use dynamic linkage, the user can simply download the finished library for his platform and your recompiled code for his platform and run the application.

If you don't want to bother the user, you can always statically link the library. I believe the entire library is inserted in your executable. This I think uses more space or even memory, however I heard that library calls may be faster on some platforms.
Will definitely go the static library route.

I will just use the STL and boost.

I don't think there will be problems..

Well I hope :)

Many thanks Aries,

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