Just a few quick Q's!

Hi all... I just need help with a few short questions. I am still very new to C++. I am doing some excercises (which I don't have the answers to) in order to get ready for exams... Some of them I've tried but it's confusing me. Please help to understand this Q's!

This is about char:
1) Consider the following c-string definition char name[7]; Why is the following assignment statement not valid? name = "Johnny";

char sms[] = "Gr8";
strcat(sms, " &  )");

Explain what is wrong with the above code

3) Explain the difference between
char short_string[] = "abc";
char short_string[] = {'a', 'b', 'c'};

4) What is the maximum string length that can be stored in number? char number[] = "thirteen";

5) What is meant by vector<int> number(4);

6) Consider the following
int * px;
int * py;
int x = 10; 
int y = 20;

Give an example of a Dynamic variable. I know answer is int *m = new int; But what will the answer be if they ask for a 6.1) dynamic array, 6.2)
a static array, 6.3) static variable and 6.4) what is the difference between
a dynamic array and a static array?

If you guys can only help me with this few questions, it would be very much appreciated!
It is what you shall know yourself. We are not going to pass the exam instead of you. Please open a book on C++ and read it.
I did actually, but this questions is confusing me, because I don't really understand what the book says.

And this site is here to ask for help, and some really do help with the way they explain it (much better than the book)!!

And I'm very nwe to this, I cannot understand everything, I am not a genius with c++.
And this site is here to ask for help

The site is for people that want to learn answers to their Coding problems, not for people who want to know answers to thier test questions
Plus, check out the documentation on this site
All I ask for is examples and explanation... But seems like that is to much to ask for.
1 answer is here: http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/101900/

It seems we are writing the same paper tomorrow. You need to attempt these questions and rather get confirmation or direction within this forum. Posting the question without any attempt will not help you pass.

Good luck.
But looks like you also have a few questions... AND I did all the questions, just don't know if it's correct... so I've tried it but if nobody helps me with some answers, how will I know if it's correct????
And another thing, English is not my first language, so it's sometimes a bit difficult to understand what is said in the book!!
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