Keylogger help required

Friends i have started coding simple keylogger but i am facing problems when i press speacial characters(@,#,$ etc). I think what we get from GetAsyncKey fun. is virtual keys assigned against each key ... I want to covert that virtual keys to ASCII codes ... if any one knows that how to convert please tell
You can also check if the shift key is pressed, then log the corresponding "special char" of that key.
Con: you will need to know whick type of keyboard/keyboard layout in use. You can check the GetSystemMetrics(); function for this.

EDIT: Also, chech the MapVirtualKey(); function.

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int ToAscii(UINT uVirtKey,UINT uScanCode,PBYTE lpKeyState,LPWORD lpChar,UINT uFlags)
this can turn Keys into ASCII
Thnx for the help ....

i used this

if(GetKeyState(VK_SHIFT) && GetKeyState(0x32)) /* 0x32 is code for @and2

it worked...thnx again for help
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