Where to go from here?

I just finished watching all TheNewBoston's videos on c++:

and I now have a much better understanding of the basics of c++ than I did before. My only problem now is that I'm not exactly sure where I should go from here. Obviously I still have a lot more to learn, so I was hoping someone here could give me some guidance :)
Try programming something based on what you learnt. The thing is though, while his videos are great to listen to, he doesn't really into the nitty gritty of the language. I don't think he covers C++11 features in his videos either.

I'm more in favor of learning through reading and using videos as supplements. If you want to learn more check these out:

C++ Primer 5th ed - free .pdf
Thinking in C++ 2nd ed - free .pdf
Professional C++ 2nd edition is a great book that is meant for people who already have a strong grasp of the basics(like you) and want to learn more. It covers everything in the STL.

It also covers C++11
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learncpp.com is a really great online resource for delving into some of the more advanced topics of C++. So +1 for this.

Right now all I would suggest is to read more books on C++ and do more problems. Try new things with the language. Try to learn an API and do a few projects with it.
A good way to learn new things is to do small/medium sized projects on your own. Do whatever you're interested in, be it games, encryption software or networking tools. When you work on such a project, you will encounter problems that you may or may not know how to solve. This will help you hone your current skills, determine what and what is not practical in certain situations and will make you learn new things to overcome problems that you didn't know how to solve before. Doing something that you enjoy will also ensure that you stick with programming, and you'll actually look forward to working on whatever it is you choose to do.
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