Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows how to connect to another person using C::B because me and my friend are coding together and we have no idea how we will transfer are code over
CodeBlocks itself does not have any feature for connecting to another computer and having a shared session. If you want a simple solution, you both could install Dropbox ( ) and setup a shared folder to sync all of your files with each others' computers. If you want more advanced source control that allows you to both edit the same file simultaneously, as well as other nifty features like version control and branching, then you would have to look into something like SVN or Git. These will be harder to setup and learn, but will be much better in the long run. Google is your friend here.
If you're not counties or countries apart, like if it's a friend at school I would suggest sharing 2 flash drives. Otherwise I would use some service that you can sign up to load things onto their sever and other people can download it. That way you can upload it and your friend could download it instantly
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