Where do I find hard exercises?

Im tired of stupid exercise like

Write a program that is able to compute some operations on an integer. The program writes the value of the integer and writes the following menu :
1. Add 1
2. Multiply by 2
3. Subtract 4
4. Quit
The programs ask the user to type a value between 1 and 4. If the user types a value from 1 to 3 the operation is computed, the integer is written and the menu is displayed again. If the user types 4, the program quits.

Yes, as a beginner, these kind of exercises will help me but Im done with these and I dont want to be trapped in that. I want harder to improve my programming skill. Thanks :D
thanks man ^_^
no worries dude.
Something else you can do is look up the problems ppl post in the beginners forum here. Because being able to explain and show someone is the best way to make sure you know something/fix errors you might make in your own coding. Also seeing what ppl use in their coding can allow you to compare logics and come up with more efficient coding
This site right here for sure

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