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Hi, total newb, I can do logic gates, RCL etc. I plan to learn to program and make a fortune ... hmmm ... Which brings me to page 1/ C programing...

So I enter this stuff into a compiler hmmm ... how exactly am I sposed to do that, I have windows home on this machine, I can just about get the jist of the language, I looked up compiler ... a program in its self into which I enter stuff like main(){} and take it from there... HELP, HELP, Heeeelllllp!

Looks like I am on this forum for a while.

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First of all you need a IDE(Integrated development environment), which you can get in the internet. i really recommend codeblocks.
(the binary release)
(the compiler gets installed when installing codeblocks)
just install and see what happens...
What happened was my computer installed a new tool bar, I got some codec stuff and some other bits which seemed to have vanished... I don't think it worked properly...
There is a bit on the tool bar which says ''object-oriented software development'' which links to other sites.
The laptop went AWOL ... I changed back to google as my home page and it seems OK now.
It costs money to download on this dongle... I had to top up. Hmmm.

Any more bright ideas?
Where do I go from here?

i have a free IDE called Dev-CPP, i don't actually use it, i'm working on Microsoft's 2010.

try to download it, i don't actually have a link for it, the application itself says:
" go to "
maybe you should look there, and btw, you have to study programming for about 10 years before you start making a fortune :P
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Do not use bloodshed please for gos sake stop recommending people use it. It and its compiler hasn't been updated for like 10 years. Use codeblocks or VS2012 or get a text editor and install a compiler and learn to use it.

As for the OP if you can't take the time to learn how to install a IDE ( it isn't hard follow the steps on their website) you won't make it as a programmer. So go out and figure that out and don't criticize other people because YOU messed up setting something up.
Ok I messed something up, I am not slagging anyone... I have read alot of electronics... I know my stuff... The computer is running very slow, there is so much stuff on the task bar which I am unable to remove, I am considering getting a new copy of windows, when I have done this in the past it refuses to accept the CAO ( I think it is called a CAO the code on the back). This is a new/ second hand toshiba... maybe its worth a try ... may be I should change to linux.

I clicked on download and got lots of stuff which slowed the laptop and causes it to shut down if I open more than about 4 windows, may be I got the IDE, may be not, I dont know ...

If I got it how do I access it?

If I download it again it will cost £5 or so on this Vodafone dongle... hmmm?

For a good free complier, I recommend Dev-CPP or CodeBlocks. Microsoft has a free version too, try "MS visual C++ 2012 free" on google or something like that.

If your machine is having trouble, then yea I would reload it, simple and neat. Maybe before you do that, you could backup your needed files to a DVD or something. Good luck.
As for how to access programs that you install, windows users should know about the start menu... It sounds like you are struggling to even maintain/use the operating system. I would recommend learning how to operate a computer efficiently before programming. If windows is giving you trouble, you could try out linux. There are plenty of easy distros out there with easy installations. I would recommend Ubuntu or Debian for a first time linux user, but there are plenty to choose from out there.
Do not use bloodshed please for gos sake stop recommending people use it. It and its compiler hasn't been updated for like 10 years.

as i mentioned above, i don't use it, even never tried to open it, a friend of mine gave it to me and told me it's a freeware, that's all.
from now on, i shall not recomend it to anyone anymore.
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