Displaying objects

How do you say "Display a .3ds file on the screen?" I don't get displaying objects.
Hi toad1359,
I believe this daniweb thread should solve your problem.
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Windows 7,
A video game
Okay, I am familiar with Bloodshed's Dev-C++. If you are making a "video game" you are either (a) making a win32 console project, and your map, characters, and enemies are specified char values. or (b) you are making a video game ( like the ones found at this website " www.moosader.com " ) with a graphics library such as SDL, OpenGL, or Allegro (to name a few).

Which are you doing?
What is the .3ds file an image of?
Describe your game?
What did you mean by "bump." (are you using https://bu.mp ?)
Bump means I am putting this article at the top of the forum and I am using directx. The 3ds file is of one of my characters.
The reason you're not getting an answer is because nobody has time to teach you everything about displaying graphical objects with C++. The question is too broad and there are many websites devoted to that topic. Just do a Google search, pick a tutorial and follow it...
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