"C++ Primer Plus"6th edition vs "C++ Primer" 5th edition?

I am a beginner to C++ (with programming experience in other languages like Javascript), and I have shortlisted two books which I would like to buy.

C++ Primer Plus by stephen prata.
C++ Primer by Josée Lajoie, Stanley B. Lippman

And please compare the latest editions of these books, not old editions.

Please help me decide.
Thank you.
I'll give it a try:
Primer Plus 6th. January 2012 (second printing)
Still the same 80s book that starts with mostly C-like language, with layers and layers added on as the years passed. Classes appear long after the book spent most of its volume talking about structs, unions, arrays, pointers, and functions that work with them. The mid-90s C++ material is chapter 15 ("several new developments in C++, beginning with exceptions") -- seriously, that's what it says!
The 1998 library is still tacked on afterwards (chapters 16 "some useful class libraries recently added to the language.The string class is a convenient and powerful alternative to traditional C-style strings.The auto_ptr class helps manage dynamically allocated memory" and chapter 17 (I/O) -- although strings and vectors are mentioned earlier, it is done as afterthought 'alternatives'.
The 2011 library is the last chapter, 18. Although a few C++11 core language bits are mentioned earlier, they are not actually *used* throughout the book.

there's also occasional invented terminology, occasional mentions of the special rules for the compilers that were obsolete by 1992, lengthy discussions of the differences from 1989 and even pre-1989 C, occasional ridiculous C-isms in the source codes, and other signs of its patchy history.

The authors of Primer 5th edition went for a full re-write for C++11, so the book uses the modern language consistently (and so it was delayed compared to the "Plus"). It also happens to be written by people that have something to do with C++
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