what thread library? I cant install sfml, c++11 threads dont work with mingw and XP and win32 threads are crazy complicated

I dont know what library to link to to get win32api to work with threads either I have been trying for a while to no avail.

Is FLTK worth trying? does it support threads? I might decide to use it for the gui of the thing im building so I may as well use it for threads to right??

any advice because winapi is lame lame lame and I would rather avoid it if I could
not that i was succesful installing boost but unfortunatley boost and c++11 laugh in the face of windows XP, im buying a proper desktop soon, thats what am gonna do to solve ALL my problems ever
Boost has been around longer than WinXP. I find it hard to believe it wouldn't support it.
How do you guys even learn to install these libraries anyway, they are WAAAY complicated, installing boost means running it from the command line and complicated flags in your program or something chswks tried to help me and I failed.

I never managed to read anything that taught me about linkers and stuff, im well and trully stuck
How do you guys even learn to install these libraries anyway, they are WAAAY complicated

Most come with a tutorial.

Boost even comes with an installer. All you have to do is run the installer and set up the directories in your IDE.
and then all I have to do to to code boost stuff is link to it in my ide??

wait isnt that installer for vb?
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Let me check boost again. It's been a while since I got it set up so I might be remembering incorrectly....

EDIT: hrm I can't seem to find the installer for boost any more. Maybe it was for an older version.

Anyway... there's still a guide. Just read the "INSTALL" doc that comes with the package.
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