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please can anyone suggest me a good project for my highschool . just give me good ideas on which i can make projects . in c++ i know functions flow of controls , structures , class & object , inheritance and data file handling . i dont know pointers . plz reply fast
here's a thought:

make a program to generate a garden.
it generates arbitrary number of objects of each type of plants.
it then displays information about how many plants of each type is in the garden.

if you want it more advanced, you can implement a function to print a
graphic-like message that would look like the plants you generated.

yet more advanced, implement the base class to contain the hunger of the plant, and a function to water the plant, this function restores hunger level.
then implement an interface o take care of this garden

you will need to use the runtime operator typeid, if you don't know how to use it, check this:
can u guide me in making this project ? i am a bit selfish but do u have source code of it i fno , no problem i will try by myself . if u have i will use it as a reference i have never made a big project
how much time you have left for this project ?

i can't make it for you, but i'd be happy to give you guidance.
it's my way of helping, i can show you the road, but it's your task to walk it.
You could try the 'Majority value' Project. It is where the user inputs numbers and the program has to find the number that appears more than half of the time. To make this more complicated, try to do it in O(n) time complexity.
i have 15 days to complete the project
let me show you how i imagine the program will look like:

welcome to jayssj11's garden.
the garden now contains:

3 plants of lutos	\o/

4 plants of flower	*

1 plants of rose	&

here's the garden:

\o/	\o/	\o/
 |	 |	 |

*	*	*	*
|	|	|	|

so, what do you want to do with it:

the plants should be generated randomly each time the program starts, that guarantees a beautiful garden.

if you want to go with the project, give the green light and i will point you on how to write such program, just give me the green light.

PS: as mentioned earlier, i won't write the program for you, i can help you if you get stuck, and i can tell you what to do next.
yes i am reday to make project . it is nice project . just tell me layout or how it should look i will code it . thanks for your guidance
okay, the program contains several kinds of flowers, the first thing we need is to define a base class, let's call it Plant, it will represent a plant of any type, and the classes that represent flowers are derived of this base.

Plant should be:
polymorphic (contains virtual functions), so that derived classes can override them.
it should contain a print function to draw the object on screen, this function might be pure virtual, because you can't draw an unknown plant.

because we are going to draw several plants on the same line, you should make two functions, one to draw the top of a plant, maybe call it (drawTop()) and the other to draw the leg of it, could be (drawLeg()), and both must be virtual.

this way, when we define an array of plants we can draw the tops on the first line, then go one line down to draw the legs.

when you've finished this class, post it and we may discuss if it contains any errors, or bad programming habits.

if you don't know polymorphism, check this:
there's one little problem, i forgot to tell you that this project requires a bit of pointers operations, this is because we're using polymorphism.
I suggest writing a Black Jack program with classes. bonus points if you can make the game re-playable without closing and reopening. i did this for one of my labs in my college course.
sorry to disappoint u all but our sir is saying not to make any games , he said we have to make management programs or something like that . so i am going to make rapsheet . sorry to turn u down rechard3 . but after my project is over i will try to make this game . thank you for suggestions and ideas
no worries man, the idea just bumped into my head and i didn't do anything like it before.
if you don't need to do this project, i will do it.
after all, i'd like to see my idea coming to live.
maybe i could post the code after completion.

EDIT- there's one little thing, the new project will say:
welcome to Rechard3's garden.
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haha nice one . i will like to see it too
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