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I'm new to programing C++ and i cant decide which IDE to use. I'm running on Windows 8 x64. Any suggestions?
I'd suggest code::blocks.
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does genie run on windows? i cant remember
you can use c++ visual express or code blocks.
try both and see which layout you like the best
I'll personally suggest Code Blocks.
I downloaded Code::Blocks. I think it'll work. Thanks to all who suggested IDEs!
First I'd buy a different operating system such as Windows 7 (or even 95).
Then I'd recommend either Code::Blocks or Dev-Cpp for starting off (Dev-Cpp does compile faster which is a benefit on larger projects but it can also be fairly temperamental)

When you get to bigger projects or perhaps working in programming then go for something more professional such as Microsofts Visual Studio Express 2012 (which is also free)
The Express version is free but does contain limits, you can't compile for 64bit applications and you also don't get an installer package for your finished products.
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