Implementing console program into GUI

I want to take a program that I wrote for the console and implement it into a GUI. So far I found a site that does a GUI tutorial, but unfortunately he does a wonderful job at not explaining a grand majority of the what I think are called containers. I can stare at the reference all day and not get it since, if you don't know the technical language yet, you can't very well then understand it.

As some on here know I am very new. If you think that I probably should focus just on making more console based programs to learn more about the C++ language first then your opinions are welcomed.
What exactly do you not understand?
If you want to use containers, like vector, you can just try to use them in small program to see effects and learn how to use them.

And yes, it's good to start on console rather then learning how to create GUI. If you use graphics, you have to have them in mind, and it can be harder for you, especially if you aren't sure how to do it properly.

Anyway, answering your question: if you want to learn game dev, you may want to look at:

as far as I remember, it's using vectors, so you may learn a thing or two about them(and just see how these things work). It's also one of few free videos on their site(about 90% aren't free, so it's something ;) ).
If you don't want to create games, you still may want to check it out, to make sure you have knowledge.

Also, first 2 results from google:

At first glance these look ok. Cheers!
My lack of understanding is not so much from any inability for myself. I really just need a way to get exact definitions, like a dictionary, to understand what each of these terms mean in depth and how they relate to one another. I'd have to find the site again to show you what I was talking about.

In retrospect, I get that I wasn't very clear. Also, thank you for the links. For some reason the second one is leading to a dead end, but the first one is very useful. Thanks again.
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You will probably use these most. You can read reference, then experiment with code. If you don't understand something, you can always use google. Good luck and cheers!
I can assure you, google has become a close friend of mine. I may drink with it later.
Try google for " visual C++ Youtube Hello world!"
About 2,290,000 results

If your new to GUI, I think that's the place to start, and learn as you go.
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