help with arrays

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need to know how to do some thing like this example

try Google.
There ya go
im doing this in setpixel and it doesn't work
array space must be const
you are providing a variable for array must be some constant
it cant be a constant it needs to change I,m using a while loop to draw different squares in different areas
its against the syntax of arrays dear
Try dynamic memory
Then use a std::vector or some other STL container. Your question is very vague.

hope it helps...same question
so is there anything else I could do I tried a vector but I couldn't declare it right
what compiler are u using
vc++ 2010
How did you try to declare it?
vector<int> x (4);
u can do it by creating dynamic array like this
int* array = new int [ x ];
so like int* array = x [4]
int* a = NULL; // Pointer to int, initialize to nothing.
int n; // Size needed for array
cin >> n; // Read in the size
a = new int[n]; // Allocate n ints and save ptr in a.
for (int i=0; i<n; i++) {
a[i] = 0; // Initialize all elements to zero.
. . . // Use a as a normal array
delete [] a; // When done, free memory pointed to by a.
a = NULL; // Clear a to prevent using invalid memory reference.

here is a complete solution to ur question
vector<int> x (4);
looks fine, what errors did you get?
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