SFML and Code::Blocks

I've run into a small, but annoying problem with SFML and Code::Blocks. When I'm coding, Code::Blocks refuses to show various SFML functions and variables while typing. Usually, if I start typing, let's say, a class name, partway through, it gives me a list of what I might be typing out. It does this most of the time with SFML classes and whatever, but there's some things that don't. Take this code for example:
sf::Event Event;
   case sf::Event::MouseWheelMoved:
      std::cout << "delta: " << Event.mouseWheel.del
//When finished, the above line should say:
//std::cout << "delta: " << Event.mouseWheel.delta << std::endl;
//Part of a demonstration of events from CodingMadeEasy's SFML 2.0 tutorial 

Note this line:
std::cout << "delta: " << Event.mouseWheel.del

By the time I type out mouseWheel.del, I should get a list that contains delta, but I don't. Is there any way to fix that?
Well I don't know how CB's auto complete is done, but when it is your own code it is because it is probably in that file or in the project. CB never auto completed the Allegro Library function for me. This is why I went to using Qt Creator for my apps because it does auto complete even the libraries names and makes functions appear in an overlay so you know how many parameters it takes as well as bolding the one you are on. This does have a slight learning curve but not that bad.
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