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I recently started to learn C++, I am still a beginner do you guys have any concrete tips on how to improve my skills? I recently took a c++ class(introductory class) at my college yet I feel like I still have a lot to learn. thanks in advance.

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i would first try to learn all of the features of c++, then grind them in. after that i would learn apis/libraries like win32, opengl, sfml, sdl
I am still a beginner do you guys have any concrete tips on how to improve my skills?
daily serious!
and patience
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code, code and code
Learn some of the basic styles of coding like, loops, decisions, etc then work with calculators and manipulating values with formulas. Then learn how to implement things like arrays, struc, classes. Then start learning your #includes like <math> and what functions/commands they contain. Then I would say try pointers. After that reading would probably be your best supplement. Lastly code, code, and code. The more you code the more these practices get engraved into your thought process. The worst thing you can do is code and learn a lot then just take a break.
Buy some books of Logic Puzzles and do is not all about writing code.
Practice programming everyday, and stay consistent, dont learn too much and dont learn to little. Remember programming is not just learning how to code but learning how to solve problems too. I would also suggest you heko other people on the forums if they need help, this will make you a better programmer. I would suggest you get some books on c++. Trust me I've been coding c++ for 2 years and I still have alot to learn. The most important thing is to never give up on a problem. Good Luck learning c++.
thanks to y'all. Do you know how can I sharpen my problem solving skills as well? Because when I come across big projects in class, I kinda dont know how and where to start.
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i cant remember if you get condemned to hell for this or not... but pick a simple game and write it in brainf*ck. it will teach you how to problem solve very well imo
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