Running a program

How would i run a program from another computer, say, if it didnt have dev-c++
You'll need the EXE, plus any non-standard DLL dependencies. Zip it with a directory structure:


Now your friends can safely unzip it into their program files or user directory and run your program.

If you are unsure what your program's dependencies are, check out one of: (fancy, GUI program) (simple command-line program)
You can typically ignore dependencies found in your C:/Windows/system32/ and C:/Windows/SysWOW64/ directories.

If you are looking for a more polished delivery mechanism, check out Inno Setup

Good luck!
What exsactly must i do to do these things? Is it something i have to write into the program?
Ok lets make it super simple. Say i have a command line program that just outputs a single line of text. how would i send this to my friend and make it so he can run the program.
When you finish writing the code, you compile it.
Than go to the folder where your compiler saves the program.
And there you will need the file that has the .exe extension.
Also you will need the dependencies mentioned by Duoas for .exe to work.

Put them in a folder, zip them and send to your friend.
I got it to work thank you
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