Simple game ideas?

First off, I made a thread about finishing my first real attempt at programming a game in SFML in General C++ Programming and I asked for some feedback on it, but it seems that people are just passing over it. If anyone would like to take a look at the game, here's the link:

BUT, that's not what this thread's about...
I honestly don't know what to do now. I can't think of another game to program. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I'd love to find something that will provide a bit more challenge than Snake. I'm not really sure what I can do, though. The hardest thing I've programmed was that Snake game and that only took a few hours (minus squishing a few bugs I found while playing it). I'm not really sure what a good challenge would be. Suggestions? Tips? Tricks? Really anything to help me really plant my foot into programming simple games? I'd really appreciate the help.
Tetris and pacman clones.
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