sending parameters to a batch file

ok so im trying to send the parameters "app" "version" and "file" to my batch file that will copy file from the app/version folder on the network, but i cant seem to pass the prams correctly can some one help me

i tried this
system("xfer.bat app version file");
but i just end up opening the batch file and passing the words app version and file not the values collected before hand
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What are the values collected beforehand stored in?
looks like you're missing the point of the system() function.
this function sends a c-string to the creating process to be evaluated.

try this instead:

std::string s;
s = std::string("xfer.bat ") + app + std::string(" ") + version + std::string(" ") + file;
system( s.c_str() );

this method assumes that app, version and file are string objects.
ok ill try that and the app version and file are just local variable strings
that worked perfect thanks!
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