Moving a working progam from console to UI (vc++)

I have a fully functional console program, and I now want to make a UI version of it , are there any guides I could follow as I noticed some of the syntax is different such as the following code in console:

string mystring = "Hi"; is

String ^ mystring = "Hi" or

String ^ mystring = textBox1 -> string

Do I have to make calls from each button I add to the main function or do I need to basically copy out and rewrite my main function along with my other functions inside the buttons themselves instead of just using a .cpp ?
There are syntax differences because they are different languages.

The Windows forms application that you have started to develop uses C++/CLI, a .net framework language.

PS. Writing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) program is quite a bit different to writing a Textural User Interface program.
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Hmm that's pretty interesting it seems that all the books / guides etc seem to pretty teach console code, I guess that's to build fundamentals that are transferable. I want to make more programs that utilise a UI, makes me wonder if I should carry on learning console code or try to research more on CLI.

Any pointers :) ?
Maybe it would be better to use C# + WPF if you are going to develop GUI programs for Windows.
dam this sucks! :(, is there no way to code in just c++ and any other program or something you can slap a UI on it and just recode some of the buttons? Having to learn a new language after a few months of studying c++ will be pretty harsh! I guess I am looking for a "shortcut" way of doing it or at least a workaround
C++/CLI is the name of the language, not just CLI.

You can write 'native' applications with C++ or you can use the .net framework to write 'managed' applications. Learning to write native applications is probably the harder road to travel but in my opinion the better choice. If you want to lean managed programming I would recommend learning C# and not C++/CLI (mixing C++/CLI and C++ is not for the faint hearted and you will do that).

It would be worth taking a look at the differences and asking the opinions of others.
I have done some reading and it seems alot of people say they program in c++ console and use QT to make simple gui's for it. I dont know how (yet) but they say its a very simple process. If this is the case is this "ok" from a technical / efficiency standpoint ?
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