books including c++11 content

What are some books that include c++11 content?
The only one i found currently available is:

I was awaiting this book, but it comes out in july 2014:
I have 4th edition and liked it

I know there is a ton of content online, but sometimes i just like kicking back on the couch and reading instead of my nose on the screen. I have enough of that already.
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So, here are two more

These two are Scott Meyers recomendations. By the way, given the reputation of H. Schildt, the reference may not be of such high quality, but who knows.
A very good approach:

Excellent book with many appropriate examples!
hmm, i torrented a few of those to check them out. I guess i was looking for a more complete reference book. Not a beginners book. I already understand the concepts of OOP, data types, etc. Some of those books look like the devote chapters to describing such topics. I think that is why I gravitate towards the complete reference books as its more like a massive dictionary of standard library
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