Switching from SDL1.2 to SDL2.0

After just lerning the basics of SDL i want to swich over to SDL2.0.
I found most of the basic new comands in the Introduction on:
But I'm still searching for the "replacement" of SDL_GetVideoSurface() (which does not exists because SDL2 has multi window handling I think). I need it because I specify an Image of an Object (which is set as private)to render on the Window.
If someone knows how to handle that please let me know.

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thanks but I already had looked up this source...
or would
do the same?

Ive got following function (wich isnt in main because it has to access private variables)
void character::show()

also SDL_GetDisplayMode has too few arguments.
My compiler gives me a reference to SDL_video.h:
extern DECLSPEC int SDLCALL SDL_GetDisplayMode(int displayIndex, int modeIndex,
                                               SDL_DisplayMode * mode);

I dunno what to set inside of it (I know I need to set a pointer to my Window but dont know how). (The declaration of the window is in main and of course not public)
After some googling I found SDL_BlitMap but still duno how to point to the window.
Btw. I think its a pretty basic question how to render something from an private object/other function to the window so whats up that noone's really answering?
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