Making small apps and good practice programs?

I´ve been working with c++ for a little while now, but I need some help to improve!
I need some help with good things to code, like a calander or a game? Whats good practice? What could be a good thing to connect a few of the basic loops and functions?
And if I want to do an small and easy app for my mac with just some buttons and pictures, maybe more after a while but what I need help with today is:
- Idées for good learning programs (just code)
- How to and what to use to be able to code and build an easy app with c++?
(Maybe like an basic iPhone app but with c++?

First of all, to make Iphone apps, you can't use C++. They are written in objective C.

If you want to make a game with buttons and pictures, I will recommend that you get

You can use this library to (relatively) easily add graphics to your applications. You will need to follow the instructions on how to set up SFML on your system and then follow some tutorials on how to do it. It's a long hard road, but SFML is about as easy as it gets for adding media to applications (SFML = simple fast media layer).
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