confusion with logic

Hi.guess I should ask the question another way.

If I must implement a person class.In the person class I must implement a child, teenager, grownup. I then have characteristics that each have. I then decide to put them in an enumeration as follows

  Enum characteristics {a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I};

A, b and c can be a child.
D, e and f can be a teenager.
G, h, I can be a grownup.

All three, child, teenager and grownup are also classes which inherit from person.
How will the Person class look like.
The problem I have is that all three are also classes of their own.
Please help please.
Thanks in advanced.
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You can just edit your other post instead of posting to topics with basically the same question. Or, you can bump your previous question. Just do it reasonably.
Ow..I see, I apologize.
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No problem, just letting you know.
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