Help with input

I started c++ recently and I know the basics like input and output, classes,arrays ect. I want to know how to make something happen if a key is pressed, not like ">>cin>>" where you enter the character and then have to press enter.

Thanks in advance
Generally you would only do this in a graphical program that has a real window, not in the console. If you're interested, you can look up SFML and SDL (I recommend SFML). It's a lot easier than you think.

Also, it's actually hard to try and do this in the console - the console is great for test programs and I/O but you should not ever try to use it for this kind of interaction.
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Well you can do it easy in the console but I wouldn't suggest it nor suggest the use of conio but it also depends on what he means by make something happen does he mean make text appear?
Its not a console application, I'm using the visual c++ UI builder.
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