Please help me get started!

Hello people,
Sooo in the last year i have learn a bit of javascript,html and css. When i finished learning javascript i thought that the really cool thing to do was develop windows applications. So i first decided to learn c, but then moved to c++ because i found c a bit too old... But after reading a few chapters of various tutorials i still didn't understand how to actually create applications with a graphic interface. Please help me... How do i get started developing applications for windows with buttons, insert field etc...

Please please please help me!

p.s. how is software such as microsoft office word, excel or itunes and programmed?
Do you mean WPFs (Windows Overview Foundation) (Windows Forms)? Then you should look at C# or BASIC. See here for an example: You will need VS2012 for this.
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I second usandfriends.

C# or Visual Basic are better suited to your needs.
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