I have a couple simple questions..

These questions are apart of a review for a test I am going to take tonight, so it is not for a homework assignment/test but for me to understand some concepts that will be on the test. So here are my questions:

If I were to draw the following picture using only one cout statement how would you do so:


My major problem with this question is how do I output quotations?

Also, why are functions an important part of C++ programming?

Lastly, what is the difference between value and reference parameters?

Thanks for the help everyone.
The escape character \ allows you to user special characters in strings. For example, I would draw your face like this:

string face = "\"\"\"\"\no-o\n^\n\\_/";
cout << face;

As with any other language, functions are important because they facilitate modularity.

Think of a variable as a box with a ball inside of it. When you pass this variable to a function by value, you're passing the ball. When you pass it by reference, you're passing the box (with the ball in it).
Your solution to the picture makes much more sense to me now! Thank you

Thank you for the information.
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