I have a question on my mind which i can't get off how can i start hacking which kind of language does it need where are it's forums are there any pre-requisite things i need to learn before i start
if you are to learn penetration methods, its not even required to learn a programming language cause those tasks are done using pre-made apps.
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hacking is very generic. writing software is hacking. what kind do you want to be?
Like the wikileaks guy :D
So i guess no one really knows or atleast don't want to share this type of knowledge
You know what Julian Assange is very much in trouble with the law right? There is a European arrest warrant out for him, and he is to be extradited back to Sweden where he will face criminal prosecution.

Anyway, hacking is very general, what are you trying to achieve?
So you want to be a hacker , this is your one stop solution :

FYI , what you are talking about is called cracking not hacking. Cracking is certainly a bad thing it is wrong both morally and legally .
Thnaks for the link so do you think Julian Assange did the wrong thing!!!
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