How can I make my console application know when you click the left mouse button?
you have to use event handling plus additional library to accomplish that, if you're on windows, look at this site, it teaches how to manipulate the windows console using win32 :
Thank you so much, that is a great site. I haven't gotten to clicking stuff, but it has taught me t do a lot of things that I didn't think I had the ability to do!!
FWIW: if you're doing stuff like this... you're better off leaving the console and using an actual window. Trying to twist and bend the console into doing faux graphics and mouse events is often more difficult than just doing it the normal way.

What kind of program are you looking to make? Is this for a simple game?

If so, I recommend getting SFML:

You'll have to download and install the library... but it'll make this much easier. There are tutorials on the site, and many of us here are familiar with it so you can ask questions.

Popular alternatives to SFML are Allegro and SDL (but get SDL 2 if you go with that one)
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