Image processing - Idea needed?

I am trying to write a code which make use off the gradient effect where the picture whitest at the side/corners. The side and the corner of the picture will be white. the whitning has to spread as an circle from the center of the picture..

How do i do that??

I've stored all my pixel values in an array, but how do i change each pixel value,and also in the manner i want it to be changed?...

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You've forgot to tell in which format you store your pixels.

If they are in RGB, you can simply increase value of each component by some amount - this will increase brightness.

For example you can calculate the distance from center (use pythagor's theorem) and divide it by the half length of diagonal. The result would be value from 0 to 1. You then can increase your brightness by 0.2 * this value for each pixel.
You are a genius :D
You want to adjust the image color mode? I used this image color changing applciation of an image processing library for adjusting image brightness & contrast, control image hue & saturation, balance color intensities, invert color of an image or perform various image analysis tasks. Besides, users can extract a certain component of the image, such as the read content.
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