C++ what's next

Hey guys , I'm still learning c++ " I'm on the functions now " , how to create it and call it, I'm already aware of if , switch , loops and basic functions.

I want to learn how to create games , I found that people prefer SDL for beginners , Should I start with that ? or learn some other basics stuff ?

I did a lot of simple programs , such as:
1- basic calculator where you pick +,/,-,* and then enter your numbers and you'll see the result.
2- Simple text game , where enter you choose to start a game or quit , then enter your name and the texts will show up and then you pick your choices.
3- a program using loops to calculate your gpa.

Should I go ahead and learn about SDL? If so then please give me a link to start on.

if not , then please point out where's my next step.

I've never used SDL myself, but I've seen it recommended for beginners all over. SFML as well.

I've built some really simple 2D games with Allegro, I think it's a good starting point to figure out how games work. http://alleg.sourceforge.net/

There's also tons of tutorials online, just google it. Good luck dude!
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Thank you , I'll check it out.

if someone got another suggestion for me , please reply.
Yea, you can learn SFML and create simple games like pong, etc using it :)
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