Recommended book?

Hello just looking for a good book on C++, I currently have Deitel How to program 9th edition as my book.
any recommendations ?
any online lecture that you would recommend ?
Thank you !
The StackOverflow community has a long fought-over peer-reviewed C++ book list. You won't be wrong to follow it:
In addition to the stackoverflow C++ book list which Cubbi mentioned, i would like to add this popular beginner's book right here:
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Thank You buddies ! all feedback is greatly appreciated, and I will check the stack overflow and the price of the book makes me want to give it a try right away, did any of you guys took any online lessons anywhere? Im trying to get as much as possible for this winter break !
I am currently working on Michael Dawson's C++ Beginning of game programming, it is for game programming though, but has all the theory you need to know
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