i need programing of snake-game- (c++ with class)without graphics library
if you can please help me my screen for example 46 * 41
+++++++++++++++ .....
+ ***
+ *
+ *
+ *
+ *
+ @
++++++++++++++++ .....
@ = apple
* = body(snake)
+ = screen
move = w,a,s,d
restart = r
please help me

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Write your question ;)
Post your try here.
my question is ( program )
Are you trying to get us to write the game for you? How does this benefit you? Getting someone to write your code for you will get you no where in the programming field. What do you know about C++ so far? Please post your attempt here and we will give you advice on how you could improve it and if you are stuck give you some advice to start going. If you are looking for someone else to make a snake game for you you have come to the wrong place; this forum is to get help on what you have made/what to do or help get inspiration for what you want to code next.
So in order to be helped, help.

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