Total fresh beginner - In need of help!

Hi there, i'm a 13 year old and interested in coding, but never had the idea of HOW to learn it, ive now managed and taken away time from games and instead into coding, i'm fresh new, and i don't know where to start off.

I don't even know how to get C++ as i'm already confused.
Anyways i need help with the basics and such, i have high hopes of being a programmer when i'm older, so i want to start off early ;)

I hope someone gets here and helps me, i'm really excited to start off! :)

Considering your age I would first start with the public library to see if there is any books that can be taken out since I am assuming you can't afford to one. Otherwise, there is abundant of tutorials not only this site, but, also on YouTube, you just have to look. However, I will point out that don't just learn coding alone try understand algorithms and pseudocode as these high leveled forms of writing pretty much are the golden tool for any programming language.
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To 'get C++' you're going to have to download a compiler; A compiler is a program that translates your source code into machine code, the executable binary for your target system. There are many available free to download off the internet. A beginner may consider using an IDE ( Integrated Development Kit ) rather than a command line compiler for several reasons.

Common IDE's I have seen posted around this forum:


Visual C++

As for learning C++ you can start here.

If you are having any trouble with anything I am only a PM away, you're starting at the same age as I did :)

I'm not an excellent programmer but I will help you get through the basics if need be.
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