Can anybody help me with this exercise?

I have no idea how to deal with it..
And it's suppose to be about the use of "functions".
I'd really appreciate your help!!

 You are required to write a program (pwd.cpp) to check the
security level of a user input password. Read the user input
as characters (string is not allowed in this exercise) until the
user input ‘!’. Your program will report the security
level based on the following 5-star scheme:
 contains at least one lower case letter
 contains at least one upper case letter
 contains at least one digits
 has a length longer than 6
 contains at least one symbol (non-letter and non-digit)
 1 star for each items (hence, maximum 5 stars)
 Assumption: ‘!’ could not be used in the password
You are the boss!!
Thank you!!
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