Writing name out horizontally using an asterisk?

I do not know anything about C++ programming and my professor is asking us to write our name out horizontally using the asterisk "*".
I do not know how to do this. I don't think it is as simple as using cout to display out my name.
Any help will be appreciated, thank you in advance!

I'll bet it is that simple if you're in a beginner class. Just use several couts.
cout <<  "     *        ***      "
cout <<  "    **       *    *   "
cout <<  "   *  *      ***     "
cout <<  "   ****     *    *   "
cout <<  " *      *    ***     " 
That's A and B. You have to figure out your own letters and hope you have a short name.

EDIT: The format gets messed up even with code tags but you get the idea.
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Yeah I get it now thank you very much!
Hey if you post your name that you need done, I can give this a whirl. I'm bored.
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