Cant really title this :(

I've made a program that copies a file from one location to another. But i want when i right click on a file, an option should appear to copy file with my program.
Do anyone have any idea?I've never made such program so I don know what to google for.Plz tell me some keywords to google on and if possible a link to a tutorial(Not a direct program).Thanks in advance.
Just be careful when modifying your registry :)
Thanx softrix.But can u explain what can happen if I get wrong somewhere? And what are the steps where I should take most extream precautions?
The precaution you should take is to simply create a system restore point before you go poking around in the registry.
The registry is responsible for holding all your computers settings.

As computergeek01 said, you can create a system restore point so that if you alter something you shouldn't, you can then restore your machines settings back to a time before you did the modifications, i.e. undo the changes.
Thanx softrix and computergeek01
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