Question about low level gfx api's (DirectX openGL))

I have been messing around now with SDL for about a year. It is decent. There was one thing I was wondering though, when dealing with 2d environments is it always so that you can only deal with integers for x and y coordinates? Or is this just the limitation to how blit works in SDL? I was wondering because it seems like in some cases, you would want more precession than just integer values. Can you not get floating point percussion unless you enter the world of 3D? This really has me curious because how could one plot a very precise graph without floating points? Thanks for any and all information.

EDIT I ask this about low level API's because I assume with lower level API's you would be able to get this precession?
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EDIT would you instead map the 2d image to poly/quads but only in the 2d context?

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