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hi all;

What is Function To Change Class Name For(Example:Notepad)?

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I think notepad is too simple to have functions like that. If you are not using the class name for anything else in your program I guess you could use the Replace feature (Ctrl+H) on each file.
i use SetWindowText function to change title
What is Function To Change Class Name?

hope you understand me

thankx Peter87
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Are you talking about C++ classes?
class ClassName { };

Or are you talking about something else?
Change the title of what? Do you have any code on you?
about WindowTitle and Class

Ex: Notepad
title: Untitled - Notepad
Class: Notepad
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I don't really know anything about this stuff but I think this page gives you the information you need to know.
I don't know what the hell you are talking about lol
thanks peter87 :)

not CreateWindowEx

i use SetWindowText function to change notepad title
from Untitled - Notepad To Untitled - NEW Notepad

now i want to change class name \ Class: Notepad

Sorry for my English
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