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I learned advanced Java in school but always escaped C++.Recently I started Game program using Unity and C#. I found myself a very dumb coder to make anything. I understand how game engines are working in the back ground but when i tried to override anything I found I have lack of knowledge.

So I planned to learn C++ as there are plenty of resources available online. I also found that now I actually can understand better background process then before. so before moving to any other game engine ,i have planned to learn advance C++ and SFML,OPENGL,BOX2D. I have no clue that I am in the right path or not.

My future plan is to work with game engine ,Graphics program and game development .please feel free to suggest me.
From what i have been told, you do not need to learn SFML before you learn OPENGL. i dont remember exact quotes, or who told me, but i asked the same question on this forum and i was told

"If you want to learn how to create 3D graphics, then jump right into OpenGL."

honestly, it makes sense. When you use a library like SFML, your just loading 2D pictures (or creating shapes) on a virtual piece of paper, But when you go into 3D graphics it becomes alot more complicated.

The only benefit you get from starting with SFML, is you learn the basics of making a game in general (loading textures, working with an event que, etc.).

Thats just a noobs opinion though =]
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thanks for your suggestions
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