Running a C++ script

Hi guys, I'm new here and as well as C++. I'm using Notepad++ for now. I've a written the very first script "Hello World" from a tutorial. Now I dont know how to run the script. Please dont tell me to use a IDE. And I've heared that they can be run using Command Prompt. Please help.

Sorry for my bad English.
C++ isn't a scripting language. You have to compile it into an executable. Notepad++ and Command prompt? You are going to need tools to compile it (MinGW or MSVC++ Express Edition).
First you'll need a compiler. GCC is a common choice - download from where you like (note - on Windows you'll want the MinGW port or similar, for a good one search TDM GCC). Once you have that installed, you can open a command prompt window. Assuming you have the bin folder in your path, you can compile and run your file like this (assuming Windows from your post):

C:\> cd path\to\cpp\file
C:\path\to\cpp\file\> g++ filename.cpp -o outputname
C:\path\to\cpp\file\> outputname

In short - the first line is changing your directory to the directory of your hello world file, the second line is turning it into an executable file to run, and the third line is running it. Note that there are a large number of other options for the second line, but that is all you need to simply compile the file.
@NT3: Thanks for info. Can u please send me the links to the files I need to download. There are many on the internet, since I'm not an expert on programming field I don't know what exactly to download.
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