New Line?


The program works fine, but i cant understand why it doesnt go to a new line

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ()
int a, b, c;
int result;

cout << "Input Interger A, B, C";
cin >> a;
cin >> b;
cin >> c;
result = a + b + c - 2;
cout << result;
/n; // please tell me what i did wrong?
system ("pause");
return 0;

To have a newline you can do it 2 different ways.

Way 1.
cout << "first line" << endl << "2nd line";

Way 2.
cout << "FirstLine \nSecond Line";

The first way is prefered, as the end/endl command causes the cout buffer to be flushed and displayed instantly to the screen.

you needed cout<<"\n";
The "\n" and std::endl do basically the same thing but as Zaita pointed out above std::endl is should be used when using std::cout against "\n" for printf() type calls.
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