STL Library Question

I am new to the STL, we never really used it in any of my classes. I see that STL comes with the LIST function. Why do I need to know how to hard code a linked list, when this feature is available in the STL?
There's a couple reasons.

1. Implementing a linked list involves basic pointer manipulation and understanding indirection, which any programmer should be able to do.
2. There are specific situations where you will need a linked list and for whatever reason you will not be able to use the one from the standard library.
the more tools you have at hand the easier you task becomes, at some point you might find that neither of those containers in stl perfectly fit your need and there you head for a custom container built on linked list or something else, there can be a problem set X for which neither of those stl containers can solve but linked lists are a perfect solution ... look at binary trees maybe and stuff
Thank's for the response helios.

I am applying for an entry level programming position in a few weeks. This is my first interview and I'm not really sure what to expect. Could you recommend a few things that I should study up on? I have the following:

2D arrays Dynamic arrays
Linked Lists
Strings (Reversing, removing white space, repeating chars)
Trees (especially Binary Search Trees)
Merge Sort and Quick Sort
Thank you Yolanda.
Everything you mention are basic skills. I would expect any candidate to at least be able to do all those things in their sleep. Unless the place you're going to interview at is looking for absolute novices who they're going to teach to program, I'd expect they'll have similar standards.
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