How to convert strings into ints in C++?

I'm trying to write a Sudoku program in C++ and I'm having trouble converting a string of both chars and ints into usable ints. What I'm trying to do is receive a set of coordinates (a-4, b-6, h-7, etc.) from the user and then use those values to find and edit squares on the sudoku board. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hello mmayed,

there are several ways you could change a string or character to a number. It is hard to say what you might need without seeing your code.

To change a string like "123" to a number "stoi" usually works: num = stoi(str);.

To change a single character like "a" to a number I would use: row = static_cast<int>(ch - 'a');. Note the case of "a". Where if ch equals 'A' subtracting 'a' would give you a negative number and where ch equals 'a' and subtracting 'A' would give you a number higher than you want. Look at an ASCII table to see what I mean.

If you can post your code I can give you a better idea of what you need to do.

Hope that helps,

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