please help me. i have a presentation tomorrow

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void display();
int fabricNum; //declared variable globally

int main()
int x,y,z;
cout<<"enter warp length"<<endl;
cout<<"enter weft length"<<endl;
cout<<"enter cloth length"<<endl;

int q;
int w;
int e;
float c, d;
c= (x-z/z)*100;
d= (y-z/z)*100;
cout<<"warp crimp percentage is "<<c<<endl;
cout<<"weft crimp percentage is "<<d<<endl;

int i;
for ( i=0;i<=100;i++);

if ( d>0)
cout<<"the highest crimp percentage is "<<d<<endl;
cout<<"the highest crimp percentage is "<<c<<endl;
void display( int list [])
int index;
for ( index =0;index<10;index++)
cout<<"enter fabric"<<index<<" ";
What are you requesting? Any question/issue you're having?
What is your code supposed to do? What's wrong with it?
1) Read warp length, l
2) Read weft length, w
3) Read cloth length, p
4) Calculate warp crimp percentage(%), c
c = (l - p) / p * 100
5) Calculate weft crimp percentage(%), d
d = (w - p) / p * 100
6) Print warp crimp percentage(%), c and weft crimp percentage(%), d

this is my final project, and the question ask to do a programming c++ which include loop, function, array, and if else statement in one coding. can you help me. i have to present today
A few things first:

1) you still haven't asked a question,
2) you haven't told us what your program is supposed to do,
3) waiting until the last day to ask for help is a terrible idea,
4) please use [code][/code] tags when sharing code,

Next, there are a few issues I can see with your code:

1) void display(); void display( int list []) The argument lists are different
c= (x-z/z)*100;
d= (y-z/z)*100;

i) think about the order of operations and what you are doing with x-z/z
ii) x, y, z are all integers, so x-z/z is going to result in integer division (considering that you store the result in a float, I assume this is not what you intended?)
3) for ( i=0;i<=100;i++); does nothing. I assume this has to do with there being an array in display? But, you haven't really explained what you are trying to do so I'll leave it at that
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